AutoHotKey Scripts

A collection of scripts I wrote for AutoHotKey. To use the scripts, you need to download AutoHotKey from their website, save the script(s) below as .ahk file(s), run AutoHotKey, then double click the script(s) you want to run.

Autosave Photoshop every 5 Minutes

A script to autosave Photoshop files, lessen the loss of work in the event of a crash or accident. I’ve included additional functionality to open Photoshop and alert you if you haven’t saved an Untitled file in awhile.

Run, Photoshop.exe ; Remove this line if you dont want Photoshop to open upon starting the script

SetTitleMatchMode, 1 ; Name checks check the start of the titles
SetTimer, savePSD, 300000 ; 5 minutes in milliseconds, change to adjust how often it saves

    ; The below two lines are situations not to save the program
    GroupAdd PSD_NAME, Untitled ; Untitled files
    GroupAdd PSD_NAME, Adobe ; When no file is open
    WinWaitActive, ahk_class Photoshop ; If active window is Photoshop...
    IfWinNotActive ahk_group PSD_NAME ; when above conditions are NOT met
        Send, ^s ; Press CTRL+S
    ; Reminder to save Untitled files, remove the below two lines if unneeded
    Else IfWinNotActive Adobe
        MsgBox Remember to save!

Use Volume Controls without holding FN

For select keyboards, users can hold FN key while pressing the Function keys to access multimedia controls. The script below overrides this, so you can adjust the Volume without holding the FN key: