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PuzzleMonsters – A puzzle-fighting game for two players. Choose your monster and fight a friend!

Tools for Games

Crimson Dragon Medal Checklist – A Google Spreadsheet that helps you keep track of what medals are needed for 100% completion of Crimson Dragons. More information on its use can be found here.

Over Encumbered Calculator (for Fallout, Skyrim, etc.) – A calculator to optimize bag space for adventurers who have too much loot! Primarily for Bethesda’s Fallout and Elder Scrolls games, but usable for any game with item weights and values.


Random Pokemon Generator – Generates a specified number of Pokemon, complete with options to filter the results!


AutoHotKey Scripts – Various AutoHotKey scripts to make your life easier.

List Sorter/Randomizer – Sorts or randomizes a list for you!

Random Color Generator – Gives you a random color along with information on it.