Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project

So I was thinking to myself: ‘It’s be awesome to fuse EVERY SINGLE Pokemon–bracket style. Pair off each Pokemon family, fuse them, then pair off their fusions and fuse them again! Repeat until you have one left!’’

And thus this project was born.


  • Posts List (blog): A list of all Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Posts on my blog
  • Pin Board (Pinterest): A pin board of Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project fusions
  • Tagged as (Tumblr): A list of all posts on my Tumblr tagged as Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project. In addition to the fusions, this includes fan-art and notes.
  • Spreadsheet: A reference for all completed and upcoming fusions.
  • Vote for next fusion: A poll for you to vote on the next fusions to be drawn (all fusions will be drawn eventually).

How Pokemon are Paired:

I was originally inspired by the Pokemon Tree of Life project, so the goal always was to pair similar Pokemon. While planning, I didn’t want to base it off an existing Tree, and the amount of work to make my own Tree seemed daunting, so I opted for the next best thing

I’m a programmer, so why not make a program to calculate the most similar Pokemon and pair them for me! “Laziness!”

To start, the algorithm calculates a similarity, or happiness, score (0-100) between all possible pairs (link can lag on older computers!). It bases this score on a comparison between the Pokemons’: body type, color, stages/forms, and elemental types. With those calculated, it pairs Pokemon who’s best matches are one another. Those paired are removed as best matches from those remaining, who move onto their second best choice. This continues until all Pokemon have been paired for that round/generation. If there’s one left without a pair, it gets a bye to the next round/generation of fusions.