Traffic Jam

Suggestion by ReaderWriterNerd&Geek: Taru + 4 others stuck in traffic. Turned into more of a world building thought experiment. There’s talk that a complete autonomous roadway system would not require intersections, then throwing flight into the mix and then you really wonder where traffic jams would happen. Well, a shielded city (keeping out those large … Continue reading Traffic Jam

Taru’s Favorite Pokemon

Pretty much right after Cutiefly was revealed this was decided. Taru would like a lot of “cute” Pokemon by nature of their cuteness being a “deception” to mask their destructive capabilities. And of course, she shows her appreciation by insulting them to hell.  


Taru is a very angry Peku'Zai mercenary and heavy weapons expert. Like all Peku'Zai, she’s also super fluffy (and will rip your face off if you try to pet her). She sells out her skills to the highest bidder, but will turn on her client if given reason (aka dragon bait). She like to make … Continue reading Taru