Giradia [PBFP]

Giradia (Anti) [Dragon/Ghost] || Giradia (Time) [Dragon/Steel] It is said Dialga causes time to flow, while Giradia causes time to stop. Some believe when this Pokemon travels to a different timelines, time in the timeline it left ceases to flow. This is impossible to prove, however few people have claimed to have accidentally traveled with … Continue reading Giradia [PBFP]

Nailed It

Ignore anything Haunshaul says–Chikorita and Dunsparce are 100% his favorite Pokemon, and anything he says against that fact is lies and slander…against himself. I will make you regret your words, Josh >:D  

Kantonian Mudsdale

Made for a contest on r/Pokemon. Basically it was to make a Kantonian form of an Alolan Pokemon (like how Kantonian Pokemon got Alolan forms). I picked Mudsdale and took inspiration from the Kirin/Qilin. Type: Dragon/Water The Alolan Mudsdale was originally imported to Kanto’s Safari Zone before they escaped and settled down along the coast … Continue reading Kantonian Mudsdale

Pokemon Retypes

Re-typed some Pokemon with my buddy Lupasolis! She gave me the Pokemon and types for the first two, while the last one we just randomized. Dragon Smeargle (look at his lil’ dragon hat c: ) Fairy/Flying Rayquaza (LOOK AT HIS CUTE LIL’ SUIT) Psychic/Dark Mandibuzz (only tells you bad fortunes)  

Pokemon SuMo – Party Lead

Another thing I like about Sun/Moon, people will include the first Pokemon in your party in their dialogue! …bad thing is the first Pokemon in my party is the weakest, arguably least favored member of the team (that gets switched the second the battle starts for that delicious EXP).