Ari the Breaded Dragon

Ari is my bro's breaded dragon. She's got a serious case of "resting bitch face" (she looks angry all the time) so we joke that she secretly hates everything. But in actuality she's a very sweet lizard <3


Had a role I didn't know what character to fill it with. Had a character who I didn't know what to do with. So now Aon is doing that! What's "that" you ask?'s a secret! Aon has a hatred for all mortals and avoids interacting with them. She's at odds with Azo and Zan, … Continue reading Aon


Another deity, Vohia represents balance (and love <3). Most mortals are unable to harm her (subconsciously), and only a handful of mortals are immune to this effect. But as she's elusive and only known to a few, many never realize. She hides from everyone–including her own kin–as she didn’t particularly enjoy having an immortal turned … Continue reading Vohia


Aiashia is a minor deity, with no legends to speak of. She’s a childish trickster who toys with mortals, though not in an evil way. She might act or appear off, but only so one person in a crowd notices. Or shapeshift into a black cat to run across the path of a known superstitious … Continue reading Aiashia

Azo and Zan

The twin deities Project Altara. Zan generally represents Life (left) and Azo generally represents Eternity (right). They’re shape-shifting beings, and can change their appearance at will. Different cultures/religions have assigned them different names, forms, genders, and alignments; some even splitting them into two or more deities, others combining them into one. Besides dragons, Zan is … Continue reading Azo and Zan


He and Chi'zhou (his daughter) have been moved down to tertiary characters. But he's still pretty awesome. His species possess some of the strongest scales on the planet. He can't breath fire, but his kind are still highly feared. As his daughter grew and longed to travel, Thor decided to tag along with her to keep … Continue reading Thor


Cover page for a comic I never started, which was based on a story I wrote in high school. Originally drawn in November 2011,  believe this was the first (intended) appearance of Aiashia from Project Altara.