Had a role I didn't know what character to fill it with. Had a character who I didn't know what to do with. So now Aon is doing that! What's "that" you ask?'s a secret! Aon has a hatred for all mortals and avoids interacting with them. She's at odds with Azo and Zan, … Continue reading Aon


Another deity, Vohia represents balance (and love <3). Most mortals are unable to harm her (subconsciously), and only a handful of mortals are immune to this effect. But as she's elusive and only known to a few, many never realize. She hides from everyone–including her own kin–as she didn’t particularly enjoy having an immortal turned … Continue reading Vohia


Aiashia is a minor deity, with no legends to speak of. She’s a childish trickster who toys with mortals, though not in an evil way. She might act or appear off, but only so one person in a crowd notices. Or shapeshift into a black cat to run across the path of a known superstitious … Continue reading Aiashia


Azo as a gryphon/griffin, one of his most common depictions in mythology. He just likes the form. Still haven’t decided how I like to spell that species. Generally I prefer gryphon, but I lived on a street called Griffin Road for a period of time so…I dunno.  

Azo and Zan

The twin deities Project Altara. Zan generally represents Life (left) and Azo generally represents Eternity (right). They’re shape-shifting beings, and can change their appearance at will. Different cultures/religions have assigned them different names, forms, genders, and alignments; some even splitting them into two or more deities, others combining them into one. Besides dragons, Zan is … Continue reading Azo and Zan