Traffic Jam

Suggestion by ReaderWriterNerd&Geek: Taru + 4 others stuck in traffic. Turned into more of a world building thought experiment. There’s talk that a complete autonomous roadway system would not require intersections, then throwing flight into the mix and then you really wonder where traffic jams would happen. Well, a shielded city (keeping out those large … Continue reading Traffic Jam


Dato is a robotic AI. As an AI, Dato can upload himself into different physical bodies, this being one form. His eyes are almost always a digital display though, allowing him greater expression (ignoring his unexpressive beak and lack of other movable facial features in his current form). Dato is impressionable, his personality changing over … Continue reading Dato


Tali is now deprecated from the project (the child prodigy trope was a bit strong in her among other reason). I like her though, so she may appear as a one-off character. Tali’s a tinkerer, creating robots or keeping her friend’s tech up to date. The little robot on her lap is Dato! She lost … Continue reading Tali