Ceaseless Discharge

This was a quick one to draw because, well, Ceaseless Discharge has such a great name... Unlike Pinwheel, I won't be forgetting to add "Dark Souls" to any Google searches anytime soon. o-o" As per usual, here's a phone sized version--enjoy!


Time for another Dark Souls Boss: Pinwheel (one of the easiest bosses in the game)! I also genuinely forgot that pinwheels are a thing until I accidentally Googled "Pinwheel" without adding "Dark Souls" to the search. I am very happy for this mistake, and so is Pinwheel c: Get the phone version here!

Bell Gargoyle

Another Dark Souls boss: the Bell Gargoyle.  The other is far, far below--have fun ringing those bells! Suggestion by SoulOfSteelLegion. Also some people on Reddit were asking for a phone background version of Nito Burrito and the Tauros Demon, so I've included those in the previous links and one for the Bell Gargoyle here!