Lucas skipped leg day. AKA I was too lazy to draw his legs. Thus he became deprecated (though really because he was too similar to Zyre), though like the other deprecated characters he may appear as a one-off character. Lucas was a childhood friend of Barrai’s. He’s a big guy, but gentle, preferring to diffuse … Continue reading Lucas


Tennio's older step sister. After growing sick of her home island, she left for a more 'modern' island and became...a barista (in a world where machines do everything, her job is literally to be a living creature customers can communicate with for advertising purposes; "Hey come to our cafe, we have living employees!"). She keeps … Continue reading Vivvia


Goat guy! He's currently a tertiary character, though his role keeps getting juggled. He was originally a lizard-centaur main character with lightning healing though. So there's that. He has no powers in this iteration, but he'll probably be the friend of a main character and/or have a crush on a main female character. Drew him … Continue reading Barrai


Tennio is Vivvia's step brother, though I haven't decided yet if they share a mother or father. He’s an adorable lil' guy, but quiet and shy. He doesn't really connect with any of his peers in his village though. Since Tali has been deprecated, Maezui is now Tennio's family's pet.