Had a role I didn't know what character to fill it with. Had a character who I didn't know what to do with. So now Aon is doing that! What's "that" you ask?'s a secret! Aon has a hatred for all mortals and avoids interacting with them. She's at odds with Azo and Zan, … Continue reading Aon

Traffic Jam

Suggestion by ReaderWriterNerd&Geek: Taru + 4 others stuck in traffic. Turned into more of a world building thought experiment. There’s talk that a complete autonomous roadway system would not require intersections, then throwing flight into the mix and then you really wonder where traffic jams would happen. Well, a shielded city (keeping out those large … Continue reading Traffic Jam

Taru’s Favorite Pokemon

Pretty much right after Cutiefly was revealed this was decided. Taru would like a lot of “cute” Pokemon by nature of their cuteness being a “deception” to mask their destructive capabilities. And of course, she shows her appreciation by insulting them to hell.