Ari the Breaded Dragon

Ari is my bro's breaded dragon. She's got a serious case of "resting bitch face" (she looks angry all the time) so we joke that she secretly hates everything. But in actuality she's a very sweet lizard <3


A commission of six characters belonging to the lovely Haunshaul. I’m also really bad at remembering to post the website commissions I took last year (sorry!) but I was asked to do the design work for The Life of Alexis Perkins comic’s website and setup, development, and design work for Liz Hager’s portfolio/blog website. Be … Continue reading Commissions


I originally was following along with another episode of Bob Ross, but got a bit frustrated trying to convert traditional medium techniques to a digital medium…so I just did a random landscape instead.  


Painted along with an episode of Bob Ross. Not as pleased with this one as the seascape. Having a hard time trying to figure out how to emulate the brushes properly, especially on mountains and trees of which this contained a lot |D  


This was done painting along to episode 1 of Bob Ross’s “Beauty is Everywhere” and man is it! It was a really fun exercise to do and I might just do it more. I’m at a loss for words honestly, haha.  

Big Cat

I was messing around with some style/technical stuff, none of which really panned out since it took three times as long and looks about the same as I would have done without all that. Oh well! For the actual cat, I RNG’d a random critter from several sites (I forgot to save the sites though...) … Continue reading Big Cat