Ceaseless Discharge

This was a quick one to draw because, well, Ceaseless Discharge has such a great name... Unlike Pinwheel, I won't be forgetting to add "Dark Souls" to any Google searches anytime soon. o-o" As per usual, here's a phone sized version--enjoy!


Time for another Dark Souls Boss: Pinwheel (one of the easiest bosses in the game)! I also genuinely forgot that pinwheels are a thing until I accidentally Googled "Pinwheel" without adding "Dark Souls" to the search. I am very happy for this mistake, and so is Pinwheel c: Get the phone version here!

Moshimoshi [PBFP]

Moshimoshi [Water] (Solo/School) Moshimoshi are incredibly emotional and caring Pokemon. Seeing a hurt Pokemon brings tears to Moshimoshi's eyes. These tears have healing properties. When one Moshimoshi alone can't get the job done, it calls upon its friends for help! Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info: Generation: 1 Parents: Alomomola/Wishiwashi See more! Vote for the next … Continue reading Moshimoshi [PBFP]