Mythological Pokemon

Thought it would be fun to make Pokemon versions of Mythical Creatures!

Mermaid/Siren Tapu Fini – The siren business is hard now, people are really wising up to the “sexy lady in the middle of the ocean” scam!
Cerberus Mega Houndoom – Its horns are now ears, but it’s got 3 heads…not any safer at all!
Satyr Skiddo – People made fun of his green neck hair…so he decided to wear a green scarf instead.
Peryton Sky Shaymin/Unfezant (Male) – I love artists’ interpretations of this beast but deer god that Wikipedia article image…

I’ll probably do this again in the future because it’s fun, but it’s hard to find non-Greek/Roman mythical creatures! Feel free to give me some suggestions! I’ll happily take them! I’d prefer non-human ones if possible (humanoid is fine, but human+animal fusions can get a bit boring, haha), I know two of them here fall into that category but shush!

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