Project Altara – Pokemon Starter Choices

Whew! All character asks take a lot of time, haha. Also Mewtwo cameo, because why not?


  • Tali & Litten: Tali likes cats! Well, mostly anything fluffy and lap sized.
  • Zyre/Benu & Rowlett: Zyre is pretty unoriginal in the sense that he knows birds of prey well  (he probably annoys everyone by keeping dead mice in the freezer) so he trusts his ability to care for them.
  • Kat & Chimchar: Kat needs someone to match her hyperness and agility, and who better than a Fire/Fighting monkey?
  • Chi’zhou & Charmander: Chi’zhou has a fascination with dragon mythology in common culture, mostly hearing about those fire breathing dragons. While a dragon herself, she’s never met a fire breathing one and (while Charmander is not a dragon by Pokemon terms) it would be to Chi’zhou.
  • Vivvia & Chespin: Honestly Chespin would choose Vivvia, thinking someone needs to protect her. Unless she gets really pissed, then he’s letting Vivvia take care of things.
  • Lucas & Chikorita: Lucas might have asked Mewtwo what things evolved into, and chosen based on that and Chikorita’s gentle temperament.
  • Maezui & Eevee: Eevee would probably find Maezui’s shapeshifting the most fascinating of all the starters. While not a showoff, Maezui might take a liking to the little guy because of this (a few others might be weary of his abilities). He also finds Eevee’s “shape shifting” ability interesting (“You can turn into several forms but only once?”).
  • Onno & Squirtle: Squirtle would be very gentle with Onno and coax him out of his “shell”.
  • Crystal & Treecko: Emerald Nuzlocke! Yes.
  • Saewin/Shade & Torchic: Backstory reasons~
  • Taru & Fennekin: I think her reaction sums her decision up completely.
  • Ante & Froakie: Yes I gave the assassin the ninja frog. Would have been shiny had Froakie’s shiny been black (but no, that’s Greninja).

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