Project Altara – Halloween 2016

Vivvia & Tennio – Witch & Werewolf
Vivvia: “You won’t believe how many Halloween costumes are labelled “sexy” or “slutty”. It took forever to find something not!”
Tennio: “…wait you did?”
Vivvia: “…what are you saying.” ಠ_ಠ

Ante & Crystal – Garrus and Tali (Mass Effect 2)
Ante thinks being a bright blue assassin is very impractical. He also thinks this whole holiday is impractical but Crystal not only convinced him to participate, but dress up as well.

Lucas & Taru – Solaire of Astora (Dark Souls) & Well…
Lucas is a huge fan of fantasy/medieval style RPGs.
When asked what scary monster she would dress as, Taru’s answer was “yes”.

Kat & Riyuki – Merida & Ariel (Disney)
Kat: “Do I haaaaaaaaaaave to wear a dress!?”
Riyuki: “If I’m going to look like a half naked human fish creature, then yes. Yes you do.”


Zyre & Benu – Mordecai & Bloodwing (Borderlands)
Zyre, Saewin, and their familiars dressed up for Halloween were specifically requested by ReaderWriterNerd&Geek (more like, he read my mind because I was gonna do it anyway!). But I played Mordecai in Borderlands. Very fun class and very OP when you dump all your stats into Bloodwing.

Saewin & Shade – Brock (Pokemon) & Phaedra (Shadow of the Colossus)
So on the previous note, I was stuck on what paired costume Saewin would wear (Wander? Avion? Kuromori!?) but ReaderWriterNerd&Geek to the rescue with good old Brock!

Chi’zhou & Thor – Halloween Decorations & …Toilet Paper
Chi’zhou understands the concept of dressing up for Halloween. She does not understand what is appropriate to wear though…! They either didn’t tell her to not piss off Thor or because she’s managed to tape a fog machine to her back. I mean, that’s pretty cool!

Tali, Maezui, & Dato – Penguin, Shark, & Roomba (literally)

I jumped between some insanely detailed costume (maybe Steampunk) or just super simple and childlike…and you can see which won.  It was pointed out by my friend that Maezui could shapeshift for a costume, but that’s lame and hardly a costume! And yes, Tali stuck Dato in a Roomba. Or Dato just wirelessly hacked a Roomba. Either way works.


Onno is not sure why his friends have turned into monsters and are acting really strange. Poor baby <3

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