Project Altara – Halloween 2017

Originally I wasn’t going down the ‘pop culture’ route for this Halloween, but I was too indecisive…so pop culture it is! From left to right:

I went through my Netflix history and ran into Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Most everyone else had been decided, so Saewin happily took that costume choice.

For Shade, I wanted to find a horse from pop culture that wasn’t just a different colored horse (ie Epona, etc) so he’d actually have some sort of costume. Found MLP:FiM characters on a list of pop culture horses and thought it paired nicely with Saewin! Again, I didn’t want Shade’s costume to be “dump a ton of hair dye on Shade” so I went with the Changling Queen. Couldn’t get the wings to look right, so I figured Shade was just being uncooperative (can confirm, have tried putting a costume on a horse).

I’ve been addicted to Puzzles and Dragons recently, so wanted to pick a monster I owned from that. I choose Wise and Moral Goddess Sarasvati because it seemed like a style Vivvia might actually wear.

Onno’s costume was decided before I really began planning costume ideas. He’s just a sheet ghost. So spoopy.

I love Dark Souls so have to do that of course. Jumped around before settling on Taru as the Old Dragonslayer. Taru would find the Old Dragonslayer cooler than Ornstein based on name and dark powers.

Again, Moana was in my Netflix history so Kat is a ‘princess’ again!

Zyre originally was the Nameless King from Dark Souls III until I remembered Game of Thrones…so now he’s the “Father of a Birb”. Benu Rhaegal over Drogon so his colors can pop more and not just blend in to the people around him.

Crystal as Mewtwo is just a nod to her previous role in Pokemon comics. Flip flopped between Mega Mewtwo Y and regular Mewtwo, but MMY as a costume looked too boring from this angle.

Ante is the Grim Reaper and was from back when I was going to put everyone in ‘sterotypical Halloween costumes’.


Happy Halloween everyone, have a fun and safe night!

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