Project Altara – Sketches

Updated a few OCs. Namely the ones here, but a few others as well (mostly backstory stuff).

Adjusted Kat’s proportions. to make her more fluid and agile (like a species who would have lived in trees in ancient times). Kat likes to wear ill-fitting clothes, she don’t care!

Removed the human-like hair from Vivvia and Tennio. Vivvia now wears wigs, though I should note it’s a bit more like wearing a hat for her than anything else. A very stylish hat. That looks like human hair.

Tennio and Vivvia’s backstories are less black/white/overtly-stereotypical-“religious”. This was originally because my OCs were split into two factions, the side Vivvia and Tennio’s village hated was the side Vivvia was secretly on, while Tennio fully believed in the side their village supported (haha the irony and all that jazz).  THAT BEING SAID pomeii culture (Saewin and Zyre’s species) now see monochromatic (greyscale) pomeii in a bad light (eg Saewin). So Saewin has Tennio’s backstory now. Yeah for him! (I’m a horrible person)

Maezui’s eye changes are based on his current state. If he’s sentient and cognizant of his actions that’s his “normal” state, this is how he is most of the time. If he’s lost his sentience and acting like a cat (or whatever species he’s currently shifted into) his eyes are in their “wild/feral” state. This doesn’t happen a lot anymore, but occasionally he slips when he spots a laser pointer or something. After a few seconds he’ll snap out of it. “???” is a secret~ It’s based on a recent change in his backstory which I’m really excited about so I’m saving it for when I finally make a damn comic for these guys.


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