Powers and Armor

Saw the Power Rangers movie the other day…and realized I hardly mentioned the fact that most of the characters I’ve shown are a part of a secret organization with armor and powers and stuff (read as: superheroes)! All Guardians have the same black armor. While sinister looking, the suit is designed more to keep the wearer anonymous and emphasis the team over the individual (ignoring obvious differences, if you’re helped by a Guardian you can’t identify which one helped you, just that one of them did). The armor is form-fit to the owner and can only be worn by the owner. I’m unsure if I’m keeping the glowing eyes.

Vivvia can grow plant matter of her body. She doesn’t turn into a tree so much as be a host for plant life that obeys her command. Most often, she’ll just grow this matter out of parts of her body for whatever task, but if the situations calls for it she can “turn into” an ent (pictured below). The plant matter is hardier than nature plant life, but not as protective as her armor. Her antlers have extra armor as a disguise, as capraeth can be identified by their horns depending on how unique they are.

Ante and Taru are the most similar appearing on the team when in armor. Taru is taller than Ante, but unless they’re standing next to one another, it’s hard to tell! At least until they open their mouths to speak… As far as their tails go, I’m not sure how I’m doing the armor on that. It’s weird to leave it uncovered (considering a well placed shot in the behind could bypass the armor), but not happy with any sketches I’ve done so far of it armored.

Ante’s power is insanely good eyesight…which is a lot less impressive than others he doesn’t care. Since powers are partially chosen by the Guardian and he’s a pretty straight forward guy, he developed it based on his existing skillsets. Min-maxing if you will. The result is terrifying if you’re his target. While he can’t see through walls, he might as well be able to, he can see farther, see clearly in horrible weather, track multiple targets at once, and have near perfect accuracy with his attacks…but he still can’t see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

(this is now outdated, I rearranged some people’s powers) Taru’s power is dubbed ‘void ammo’. Essentially, any weapon she holds has a bottomless clip…the only thing stopping her is her carrying capacity. Paired with Saewin though (who can summon items/weapons from a personal pocket-dimension), she’s even more terrifying than Ante. I’m contemplating extending it farther to other uses, but I’m afraid of making her too OP, haha! Give her a machine gun and she can tear everything to shreds (if that’s the objective). Right now it only applies to ammunition based weapons, but I might apply it to fuel based (ie flamethrower, chainsaw (wut)), non-weapons (jetpack? jetpack),  etc.


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